Style in Space

Well known entrepreneur and Virgin Group Founder Sir Richard Branson spoke at a conference over the summer. He talked of a recent project, Virgin Galactic, the world’s first spaceline. Virgin Galactic is taking reservations for people to book their flight into space. Now fast forward to this week, I was having a conversation with someone…

Rainn Wilson and Friends in Support of The Mona Foundation

It’s not every day that the city of Seattle is graced with the presence of comedic personalities like Rainn Wilson and Mindy Kahling. This dynamic duo known for their characters on the NBC television show ‘The Office’ and more will be coming to Seattle for one night and one night only. I’m more excited than…

6 Things You Should Do Every Weekday Morning

It was Monday morning and I woke up before my alarm *cringe*. Frustrated and annoyed that I woke up before I had to be awake, I laid on my Tempur-Pedic¬†mattress trying to determine if I should just get up or sleep until my alarm went off? I decided to try something I wouldn’t normally have…

Warby Parker Eyewear

Warby Parker eye wear is amazing, no awesome custom made eye wear for men and women that gives back. With their “Do Good” Buy a Pair, Give a Pair, Warby Parker donates a pair of eyeglasses to someone in need for every pair they sell. I really admire companies who are able to combine fashion…

Fall Fashion Must Have: The Leather Jacket

There’s something a little thrilling about wearing a leather jacket. I’m loving leather jackets right now, they’re a must have for fall and frankly something every man and woman should own. The leather jacket is a timeless article of clothing that is practical in not only keeping you warm but stylish too.

The Symphony Guild Presents: The Last Wonder of The World

The Symphony Guild in Seattle brings to you their 14th annual concert by Grammy Award winning composer Mateo Messina,¬†The Last Wonder of The World, in support of Seattle Children’s Hospital uncompensated care. Messina a Seattle native, scored the film Juno for Jason Reitman, which led to a Grammy win. This year’s event will take place…

Bellevue Club Fashion Show: Couture Du Jour

My friend @jaymeedoll and I arriving at the Bellevue Club taking pictures with accessories from Bag Borrow or Steal Wearing a dress that touched the floor made sense for an evening of elegance at the Bellevue Club for Couture Du Jour. Couture Du Jour was a tasteful show of the latest fall fashions with some…

No Makeup

Well, here’s a video from me to you. I’m not wearing any make up, I got my haircut, met Diane Von Furstenberg and am redesigning my blog with FreshMuse.

Fall Style

It’s probably the millionth time I’ve said/written that fall/winter are my favorite seasons but here are some pictures that excite and inspire me for this season. Metallic eye shadow Poncho jackets Turtlenecks and leather Tall boots and denim shirts Happy Fall.