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Dear Starbucks I Love You

Ever since I can remember my love affair with Starbucks has been quite strong. I’ll never forget the day my mom let me order my very own double tall vanilla latte. I recall admiring how eloquent she sounded when she ordered her drink of choice. Growing up Starbucks was a special place we would go…

Fall Fashion Must Have: The Leather Jacket

There’s something a little thrilling about wearing a leather jacket. I’m loving leather jackets right now, they’re a must have for fall and frankly something every man and woman should own. The leather jacket is a timeless article of clothing that is practical in not only keeping you warm but stylish too.

Style Spotlight with Diane von Furstenberg

As a follow up to yesterday’s blog post I wanted to talk about Diane von Furstenberg’s outfit that she wore here in Seattle. As most of you know she is notable to many around the world and it is without quarrel that DVF’s style is second to none. On the set of New Day Northwest,…

Bellevue Club Fashion Show: Couture Du Jour

My friend @jaymeedoll and I arriving at the Bellevue Club taking pictures with accessories from Bag Borrow or Steal Wearing a dress that touched the floor made sense for an evening of elegance at the Bellevue Club for Couture Du Jour. Couture Du Jour was a tasteful show of the latest fall fashions with some…

Two Things I Love

Happy Friday and weekend! Today’s post is dedicated to my sister and my dog. My sister is practically what makes up all the glue that holds me together and my dog is essentially like my child. Katia, my sister and Amelia, my dog- I love you both forever and ever.

No Makeup

Well, here’s a video from me to you. I’m not wearing any make up, I got my haircut, met Diane Von Furstenberg and am redesigning my blog with FreshMuse.

Outfit Post at the Tenor Classic

If there’s anything I love it’s a good reason to go shopping and get dressed up. For the Tenor Classic event with Tenor Wines I took to Nordstrom to help me find the perfect outfit. My dress is Laundry by Shelli Segal, I loved it for the texture! The necklace I wore is Cara accessories…

Fall Style

It’s probably the millionth time I’ve said/written that fall/winter are my favorite seasons but here are some pictures that excite and inspire me for this season. Metallic eye shadow Poncho jackets Turtlenecks and leather Tall boots and denim shirts Happy Fall.

Mixing Prints in Style

Fashion and style are all about being creative and taking risks. Risks that will distinguish you from everyone else in the world. One way to do this is by mixing prints and patterns, carefully of course. Pick two different patterns to start and change it up. Nothing says you’re bold and brave than wearing mixed…