Planning a trip with the help of Square Cash.

There are so many things in this post that I love, my sister, coffee, travel, boots, cozy sweaters and Seattle. On Saturday I met up with my sister, Katia at Storyville Coffee in downtown Seattle to talk about planning our next trip!


When we threw out ideas on places to visit, Spain was the destination we both agreed would be an awesome place to go. We’ve both been to Spain before but, we haven’t yet been there at the same time so decided that needed to change. Katia brought a map of Barcelona she picked up on her last trip and a book about Spain, it was a lovely morning reliving our favorite memories from our travels and talking about all the fun we could have there together.



I loved telling Katia about my visit to the enchanting town of Cadaquez and boating along the Costa Brava, she shared how much she enjoyed seeing La Sagrada Familia and exploring the magestic Castell de Montjuïc.



I can’t think of a better way to spend a chilly fall morning than in a cozy coffee shop with my sister.





Planning travel is pretty extensive, from hotels to airfare and other miscellaneous expenses it can all add up pretty quick even before you’ve packed your suitcase. And if you’ve booked travel before, you know you can’t exactly go halfsies with another person when you’re buying your plane tickets, one of you has to pay in full and the other has to get you their half some other way. In the past my sister and I have split the cost by writing a check, that works but its not as convenient and you don’t always get the money right away. That’s where Square Cash comes in, Square Cash lets you exchange money with friends and family easily, quickly and for free. All of this happens right from your phone too which is pretty incredible. That same day I had the money I requested of her in my bank account!




After coffee and settling up on the first expenses for the trip we decided to take a walk around downtown, even though it was freezing outside we couldn’t resist getting out and enjoying the beautiful, sunny clear blue skies!







Photos by Jefté Sánchez