Do you have your costume picked out yet?

Halloween is just around the corner and with that comes the big decision on what you’re doing to dress up as! For this post I teamed up with Value Village to share some Halloween costume inspiration. For me the first step in figuring out what I’m going to dress up as is to search Pinterest for visual inspiration. This helps give me a better idea of the items I need to purchase to complete my look. Value Village also has awesome Halloween costume tips and inspiration on their website. Below are some pins that inspired my Halloween style for this year.

After going through Pinterest and Value Village’s website I felt most inspired to dress up as a 70’s girl! With my idea and list in hand I headed to the Value Village on Capitol Hill. That location is one of my favorites for a few reasons, it’s very well laid out, organized and they have a huge Halloween section with all the ingredients to make up an awesome costume (even Halloween decor for your home). Their staff are helpful, creative and are happy to offer their assistance in selecting a Halloween costume if you go in unsure. I chatted with one of the staff upon arriving and shared my hopes for being a 70’s girl, “ah I know just the thing” they said. And quickly took me over to an aisle where ta da! There hung a groovy tie-dye dress. At Value Village they have ready to go costumes packaged up if you want something quick and easy or have all sorts of miscellaneous items you can use to pull together a custom look. On Friday when I go into work I’m going to go as a bank robber like you see in the pin above. I was able to find a striped shirt and mask at Value Village (together both of those things were under $10).


Here’s the tie-dye dress I picked up, complete with bell sleeves and lots of pink! I picked up a daisy headband to pull the look together, I’ll pair the dress and headband with boots and sunglasses that I already have at home. Want to know how much this cost? $20!


If you haven’t yet figured out what you’re going to be for Halloween, stop into your local Value Village! Their knowledgeable staff and wide selection of Halloween goodies are ready and waiting for you.