I love to run.

Some may think it’s crazy, I know I did when I first thought about running, but over the last few years I’ve really come to love running. To the point that I crave it. It’s something I can do alone on a cool summer evening to clear my head, with my sister so we can chat and catch up, or with an even bigger group to really inspire me! In today’s post I’m wearing a pretty typical running uniform for me, capri leggings, a tank top, comfy shoes, wireless headphones and an armband for my phone. Quick note, for a long time I’d been running with wired headphones that plugged into my phone, while that was ok, I had no idea how game changing it was to run with wireless headphones! Seriously not having cords popping out of my sports bra, because yes that’s where I’d shove them, is so nice and way less distracting.

008 Mollie 15-117

I picked up my outfit from the newly remodeled and reopened Nike store in downtown Seattle. It reopened in late July, I had the chance to check out the store in all it’s beauty and let me just say, it’s awesome! They have everything from running clothes for men and women to Seahawks jerseys, shoes and more. Something really cool that happens from the downtown store is a weekly run club. Every Thursday at 6:34PM they depart the store for a 3 and 5 mile run, you as the runner can join in on this for free! You pick the distance and your pace, they have pacers that run at all paces. They come up with different routes throughout Seattle so you’re always getting to see the city from new perspectives. It’s pretty cool and a neat way to run with others! You can learn more about that here. They have Nike Run Clubs all over the place so don’t worry if you’re in New York or Los Angeles, check with your local Nike store for more details.

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Stretching hasn’t always been my favorite but I’ve learned to accept it because it’s important to stretch before you go out running.

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Nike: Top // Tights // Shoes // Socks // Armband // Sports Bra (c/o) // Ray Ban Sunglasses // Beats In Ear Headphones

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The Nike+ app is my best friend. I’ve been using it for over three years now to log and analyze my runs. You can set all kinds of runs, distance runs, timed runs, basic runs etc, you can also challenge others with things like, who can run the most miles in a month, it’s a nice way to have some fun and be a little competitive. I like sharing my runs to Facebook because when my friends and family like or comment on my run status I hear cheers from the app while I’m running, how cool is that?

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Running stairs because who doesn’t love to do that?

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Running is a lot of fun! If you ever have questions about running don’t hesitate to shoot me an email, leave me a comment here or ask on Twitter. Also, yay happy Friday! We’re going into a long weekend, I can’t wait to sleep in, drink coffee and binge watch Netflix this weekend.

Photos by Jefté Sánchez