You better believe I am counting down the days until it’s officially spring. I can’t help but get excited for lots of sunshine, sunglasses and dresses. You might notice from two of my latest posts, here and here, that I’m all about dresses right now. To me, dresses are easy, they’re comfortable and usually practical to transition from day to night. I was browsing online at Nordstrom and saw a few pretty dresses (maybe more than a few) that caught my eye.

Dress 1

These colors, so pretty! Find the dress here.

Dress 2

Pink, it’s my favorite color so that’s that. FInd the dress here.

Dress 3

I love how whimsical and comfortable this dress looks. Find it here.

Dress 4

This one because I need more white dresses. Find it here.

Dress 5

It has a flamingo on it! Also the back of this dress is very pretty. Find it here.

Pictures provided by Nordstrom.