How to begin this post? First, I realize that I don’t typically talk about baby stuff, and I don’t really plan to make this a regular thing. Where I think this is relevant is that my blog is a place where I share things that are going on in my life, and lately in my life I’ve been searching for lots of baby gift inspiration. I recently went through my order history at Nordstrom and noticed that in the last year and a half I’ve purchased a lot of baby gifts. I’m at that point in my life where people around me are having babies. It’s exciting because it means new life and the start of a rewarding chapter in the lives of my friends who are having children, and I like it because I think baby gifts and clothes are adorable. In the beginning I found myself asking the Internet what good baby gifts were, or what the right gift for a baby’s first birthday was? I figured I’d share some of my favorite baby gifts with you here.

Baby Gift IdeasYou can shop all these items below

Also not pictured in the above collage, Mosaic. It’s an app you download on your phone that lets you select photos to put together in a book. Yes! A book, a beautifully bound book that you can have forever. I’ve been gifted a Mosaic and have given them as gifts, they always bring big smiles to people’s faces. I recently put one together for a baby boy’s first birthday. It was filled with fun photos of his first year.