I used to think facials were treatments that were extra special and only done every once in a while. Oops was I wrong! Regular facials are actually a critical part of taking care of your skin and aging gracefully. Learning about skincare can be confusing though, with all the products out there, services, promises of doing special things, it can be a bit overwhelming.

It wasn’t until I met Jody Leon, owner of Dermaspace that everything about skincare and taking better care of my face all clicked. Jody has been in the skin & hair-care industry for nearly 20 years, and is currently one of two people certified to train in the Iderm Deep Ionization Technique in the Pacific Northwest, his associate Chanté is the the second person. The Iderm Facial Treatment, also known as “The Skin Gym,” has been used by A-list celebrities and clientele of all walks of life for over 75 years. It’s like physical therapy for the skin. The advice Jody shared that really put things into perspective for me was this, your face is what people see first when they meet you, so it only makes sense to take extra special care of that. As each day passes and you spend time outside in the sun and the cold where there are toxins and who knows what else, it all takes a toll on your skin. You probably pay to have your house cleaned or maintain your car, therefore it’s reasonable to do the same for your face with regular facials. Also did you know you should be exfoliating your face 2-3 times a week? I realized I was guilty of not doing that enough. And that you should be applying moisturizer to your neck and chest, not just your face. At the start of my first appointment Jody and I talked about my current skincare routine and then reviewed the treatment I would be receiving. Jody’s patience, knowledge and love for what he does is apparent when you talk with him, his compassion for healthy skin is contagious, and I really love that.

The treatment isn’t like a regular facial, it’s different but with Jody’s expertise and kind explanation of how things work, you quickly get comfortable and excited for the amazing results to follow. Here’s a video of what the treatment looks like.

The treatment from start to finish takes about a hour, in each of his treatment rooms there is a Sonos speaker that plays relaxing music, I used this time to close my eyes and rest. I’ve been seeing Jody for the last few months now and no joke, my skin has never looked clearer.


I also must note how nice it is that Dermaspace allows you to schedule and manage all your appointments online! Call me crazy but this is an incredible offering that I wish more businesses had. As a busy working professional I don’t always have time to call somewhere to make an appointment, being able to schedule things online at my convenience is huge, the appointments can also sync to your personal calendars and remind you when they’re coming up. You can learn more about Jody and Dermaspace by visiting his website, you can also catch Jody’s skincare tips on his blog and learn about his skincare line of products here.