My blog is five years old today. I woke up this morning smiling, thinking about the last five years, how much I’ve grown, learned, and loved my blog. Then I went back and read each of my birthday blog posts, year one, two, three and four. Having a blog is truly the coolest thing, it’s been my diary for the last five years, filled with photos, notes about experiences, people I’ve met and places I’ve traveled to. I love that I’ll always have my blog to look back on and remember moments in my life. A few¬†highlights from this last year of blogging for me were traveling to Vancouver BC with Value Village for Eco Fashion Week, working on these awesome lifestyle videos with SheKnows, Starbucks and Nexgard, and being a bridesmaid in my best friend Nicole’s wedding.

I thought these pictures would be fitting to share today, they were taken in Mexico on the beach right after I got this delicious pineapple drink. I waited in a line for one of these things for about 20 minutes, the guy making them was quite popular on the beach that day.




So, to end this post I guess I’ll say happy birthday to my blog! Here’s to many more years of blog posts, outfits and shopping. I really should thank you, the reader for visiting my blog, whether you’re new or you’ve been reading for a while, I’m grateful you take the time to see what I share.

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