Amelia (my Australian Labradoodle) and I are thrilled to share with you the results of our fun project with

We spent a fun filled day with an awesome film crew from visiting dog friendly places in Seattle. Our day began with a 7:30am call time, lots of coffee for me and some off leash play time at Magnuson Park. As I was getting dressed for this day I knew Amelia would be the main focus but I wanted to look cool and put together too, I mean it was easy for Amelia, she wakes up cute and fluffy. I opted for white jeans which I would later regret, note to self do not wear white jeans to a dog park where dogs are running around and kicking up dirt everywhere. Also, a pesky little Chihuahua thought it would be cool to pee on my leg while I was throwing Amelia’s tennis ball, trying to recover from that gracefully wasn’t as easy as you’d think, although it did make for a memorable morning.

I hope you enjoy these sweet videos!

Magnuson Off Leash Dog Park in Seattle

Amelia and I posing for a picture while playing at the off leash dog beach at Magnuson Park

Magnuson Off Leash Dog Park in Seattle

Romping around and splashing in the water

Australian Labradoodle at Woodland Park Zoo Rose Garden

Amelia and I enjoying an afternoon at the Rose Garden at the Woodland Park Zoo

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