Let it be known that I am a big fan of destroyed denim. As I write this blog post from bed, I’m wearing a new pair of destroyed shorts that I just picked up from Forever21. Whenever I wear destroyed jeans or shorts I always think of my grandpa who once teased me for having holes in my pants and asked if I needed money to go and buy new jeans that didn’t have holes in them, it was fun and memorable trying to explain to him that I paid money to buy pants that had holes in them. My favorite thing to pair destroyed denim with is a great pair of heels and a blazer, I think it’s a cool balance of being super laid back and sort of effortlessly feminine and polished at the same time.

Destroyed denim shorts

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Destroyed jeans outfit

Topshop blazer // Saint Laurent heels // Gap destroyed jeans // Yves Saint Laurent lip balm // kate spade new york watch

I plan on wearing some form of this outfit for the coming days, actually probably weeks, it’s all the yes’ from me on destroyed denim.