White blazer, Joe’s Jeans, Gap t shirt, Ralph Lauren bag via TJ Maxx

This post is going to be a sort of recap on my week and what’s been happening with me lately. I’ve done some shopping, escaped the city to relax and started wearing midi rings. Hopefully it’s not too random but there’s so much I’m excited to share and if you follow me on Instagram you’ll already know that I’ve added two pretty new things to my closet.

First this picture, a quick selfie I took on Monday in my favorite white blazer, Joe’s Jeans and wait for it, MY NEW PURSE. I don’t think I’ve written about this a ton maybe because I just recently came to the realization that when it comes to handbags and purses I’m the worst on jumping the gun and buying them. I don’t really know why, I guess I just get indecisive and worry that I’ll either hate it when I get it home or I’ll just regret the purchase later. Anyway, I was shopping at TJ Maxx over the weekend and came across the stunning leather Ralph Lauren bag. I had one of those ah ha moments as soon as I laid eyes on it and new I had to have it. I’m a fan of bigger bags because throughout the day I need to keep a lot with me, my wallet, water bottle, notebooks, hair spray, my Surface, laptop, you get the idea. All of those things and more fit wonderfully in this bag.

Ralph Lauren purse

My pretty new Ralph Lauren purse I found at TJ Maxx! It’s on sale at Zappos and is available at Macy’s

Will work for shoes sweatshirt

This is a sweatshirt I bought at Nordstrom a while back, I found it on their Pinterest page of all places. Do you shop via Pinterest? I’ve found myself shopping Nordstrom’s Pinterest a lot more lately. It’s just so well curated with everything I need! This cozy sweatshirt was perfect for my relaxing weekend out of the city.

Destroyed jeans and midi rings

The Gap is another go to spot of mine to shop, their jeans are a staple. The Gap’s denim is just so classic, it wears well, lasts and in my opinion gets better with time. I snagged these Sexy Boyfriend destroyed jeans last week. I’ve also joined the midi ring party, the two rings on my pointer finger and middle finger I picked up at Forever21 and the ring on my ring finger was a beautiful gift from a friend, Lorrie for Christmas. So far I’m liking wearing lots of rings on all my fingers, they’re fun to mix and match.

Lela Rose floral dress

Last weekend on Saturday I attended a luncheon for fashion designer Luly Yang where she debuted her latest collection of beautiful dresses, suits and evening gowns. More to come on that next week! For the luncheon I looked to Rent the Runway for the perfect day dress to feel like a pretty and polished lady. I decided on this Lela Rose floral dress, my favorite part about it was that the dress was off the shoulder, not a style I wear but definitely a catchy detail.

Christian Louboutin Completa pump

Finally, probably what I’m most elated about right now is the new pair of shoes I’ve added to my closet. Of course they’re not just any shoes, I picked up these gorgeous Christian Louboutin Completa pumps at Barney’s. I’ve been longing for a pair forever! I’m already eyeing another pair of Louboutin’s in nude that I think I’ll be picking up soon too. I don’t think anyone can go wrong with a pair of black and nude pumps right?

So that’s sort of my shopping story as of lately, what I’m now on the hunt for is a new pair of white pumps. Currently I have my eye on these.