I think I’ll have to take a sip of champagne tonight and perhaps have some chocolate because today is a big day for me and my blog. Saying out loud that my blog, MollieinSeattle.com is 4 years old today feels wild! I’m sure I’ve said it a million times over but I truly never thought that I’d be sitting here 4 years later still blogging, still loving it, with new friends and a ton of good life lessons learned. I’ve written birthday posts every year, year 1, year 2, year 3 and now 4. I’ve grown and evolved so much over the last four years, in going back through old posts I sort of felt like Carrie Bradshaw in her episode about 20 somethings when she was looking back through her old albums at what she wore years ago. Somethings I wore I’m like hmm I wonder what I was thinking that morning, and others I look back on and am really glad I splurged and bought those pairs of shoes. (I’m planning on sharing a post about my crazy shoe hoarding obsession, after cleaning out my closet the other day I had no idea how many pairs of shoes I actually had. oops.)


I didn’t want to make this super long, I really just wanted to recognize the milestone and share how excited I am for this next year and just really how grateful I am to have met so many awesome people and other bloggers through this journey. I’ve gotten to speak at a conference, what? Yeah I did that! That was awesome, I’ve been back to New York for Fashion Week and I’ve gotten to hang with Simon Doonan a couple times in this last year. Pinch me because I’m still not sure if all of that actually happened…as a birthday treat to myself I bought this shirt from Nasty Gal.

I think this post, why do I blog and the best thing about blogging really sums up why I love doing this. Happy birthday to me and happy Thursday to you!

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