My sister took the below picture of me while I was decorating my Christmas tree at the beginning of December. It was the photo I ended up using for my Christmas card (thanks for the inspo on that Kathleen!). Christmas is still my favorite holiday and time of year, call me crazy but I love curling up on my couch writing holiday cards and catching up with old friends who come back into town to see their families, braving places like Costco and Nordstrom, wrapping gifts and drinking as much hot cocoa as I possibly can.

I spent a weekend this month in Portland with my family, it’s our annual tradition of going to see the Nutcracker ballet and enjoying a fun meal together. I figured I’d share a few photos of my family and wish you a happy holiday and Merry Christmas! I hope you get to relax and enjoy the holiday with loved ones.

Decorating the Christmas tree

Family at the holidays

Taking a selfie with my brother. 

Family at the holidays

Whole family, dad, brother, sister. 

Family at the holidays

My sister and bff. 

Merry Christmas you guys! 

Pictures via my dad