I bundled up and took a walk around downtown Seattle the other day. It was just too lovely and sunny of a day to not be outside. I sort of felt like a tourist walking around with my big camera snapping pictures of the ferris wheel and of the market, sometimes it’s fun though to get a little lost in your own city and pretend that you’re a tourist. Seattle is lovely this time of year and this chilly day was the perfect excuse to put my new Nike Dunk Wedge Sneakers to the test and wear my black ear muffs that I picked up before I left for Minnesota.

Pike Place Market, Seattle.

I couldn’t not take a picture of this sign and with the pretty holiday trees that surrounded it I think it made for a nice shot.

The holidays in Pike Place Market.

More trees and people in the market.

Holidays in Seattle.

This I thought was cute, I was on my way to grab a coffee when I spotted the adorable red stockings above the iconic Starbucks sign.

The Seattle Great Wheel.

A pretty view of the Seattle Great Wheel from the Four Seasons Seattle.

Burberry Scarf.

All black outfit, bundled up!

Black Nike Wedge Sneakers

Outfit photos: @KatiaRenee

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