So far in anticipation of the holidays I’ve hung lights up in my apartment, set my car radio to the Holly station on XM, decorated with gold glittery pine cones and celebrated a friends Thanksgiving. I’ve also indulged in a peppermint hot chocolate from Starbucks and am working on a checklist for my upcoming holiday travel.

On Friday I’ll be flying out to Minnesota for a wedding- this will actually be my first time in years that I’ll be flying during the holidays. To prepare for my trip I spent a good part of yesterday shopping at Nordstrom making sure I had everything I needed to make this trip a warm and festive one. A few of the important things I needed were new leggings to wear on the plane, Nike Dunks, a necklace to wear to the wedding, polka dotted tights and Spanx.

I have a travel board on Pinterest, it’s where I pin travel outfit inspiration so naturally I’ve gone back to it for ideas on what to wear this time around. I was inspired by the picture below for my outfit. With the number of trips I’ve taken this year I’ve figured out that being comfortable is really important, this all black ensemble spoke to me because black is my favorite color (after pink) and it looks comfortable yet still cool. Hopefully I’ll be able to look as cool as Candice Swanepoel.

Travel outfit inspirationPhoto via Pinterest

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Are you traveling for the holidays? Do you have any airplane essentials you can’t leave home without?