I’m home from Las Vegas where I was for PoshFest- I’ve returned feeling excited and inspired.

PoshFest Las Vegas

Moderator: Tracy Sun– panelists Simonett Pereira, Tracy Espeleta, me and Jen Taylor

Whenever you do something new or different you usually learn new things about yourself. Over the weekend I had the opportunity and really the privilege of speaking at a fashion conference in Las Vegas. The conference was put on by Poshmark, PoshFest as they called it was a fashion festival that brought together style lovers and Poshmark users for a fun filled weekend of inspiration, Vegas style. My panel was awesome, I felt so fortunate to get to sit amongst such smart and stylish ladies. We got to discuss our tips and experiences in personal style, when style goes wrong, our favorite trends and more. We had a terrific audience and fabulous moderator.

Back to learning new things, in speaking on this panel I learned that I was more nervous than I thought I would be when I got up on stage and that I talk with my hands a lot. I was nervous to begin with, I mean I wanted to do a good job, I didn’t want to choke on my words and I certainly didn’t want to fall or trip on stage. As I got ready Saturday morning (my panel was first up) I listened to loud music, danced around my hotel bathroom and talked to myself in the mirror doing my best to practice and prepare for what was to come. Up until the last few minutes I scoured Pinterest for outfit inspiration, finally settling on faux leather leggings and a tweed vest (similar). You can see in my Instagram picture that it took a lot to help me get ready, a lot of products I mean, from texturizing spray to lipstick, there was a lot going on. All together with a few cups of coffee I was ready to take the stage.

PoshFest Las Vegas

Talking about our experiences when fashion went wrong. For me it’s drop waist dresses, as much as I love the look of them on models and other people, it’s just not a style I can pull off.  

PoshFest Las Vegas

Here we’re talking about our experience in trying out a trend we were unsure of. For me it was trying out the grey beanie I wore on my blog last week. I was a little nervous on if I could pull it off or not but with trying it out I felt more confident in wearing it. 

PoshFest Las Vegas

Talking with my hands, am I the only one who does this?

Some of the main points that we all talked about were:

Personal style constantly evolves with time, no matter your age, style and what you wear is all about comfort and what makes you feel confident, don’t pass on a new trend just because you’re unsure- trying things on, asking the opinion of others, maybe even photographing yourself can help you decide if the trend is right for you. Finally, the great news about finding your style is that you can be inspired by all the fabulous closets on Poshmark. There you can sell things you no longer want and make room for new beautiful goodies.

Big thanks to everyone who came to PoshFest and to Poshmark for putting on such an outstanding weekend.

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