I’m literally the clumsiest person I know. I’ve walked straight into glass walls that I didn’t realize were there more than I’d like to admit, I’ve fallen down stairs in front of a ton of people and I’ve spilled things on myself more than I care to go into. That being said it’s a big milestone for me to have worn an all white outfit and not have ruined it at all! I even mastered eating hot wings at a sports bar in Brooklyn without getting any sauce on myself.

Ann Taylor outfit

Sunday while in New York I got to spend the day relaxing and exploring. The day began with brunch at Pastis (major yum) where I learned it’s a New York law that you can’t get alcohol before noon. I was sad naturally as I couldn’t enjoy the mimosa I was so looking forward to, good thing that law doesn’t exist in Seattle. After Pastis I headed over to Brooklyn where these photos below were taken. It was my first time over there and I must say I was quite taken by the charm that Brooklyn Heights and their promenade had to offer.

I’m really excited about this Ann Taylor skirt I found on sale back when I hosted my shopping event with them and Birchbox. It’s long and flowy, soft and very comfortable. It worked great for the warm New York weather and I know I’ll be wearing it into the fall by pairing it with sweaters, boots and blazers.

White outfit in Brooklyn

Marlyn Schiff necklace (c/o) // Nordstrom blouse // Ann Taylor skirt // Via Spiga shoes

Ann Taylor White Skirt

Braids and an Ann Taylor White Skirt
Simple outfit in an Ann Taylor white skirt

Simple outfit in a white skirt

White Ann Taylor Skirt

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Photos: @GrantLandram