There were many things my mom taught me growing up that at the time I didn’t really see the full value. It wasn’t until years later, now that I’m an adult (though I don’t really feel like one) I better understand some of the things she was talking about.

 Cute Stationary

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First of all happy Friday! Another week has come and gone and in looking at my calendar I’m realizing that September is already almost over, eek. I did buy a pumpkin the other night at Trader Joe’s, it’s brought a fun fall touch to my apartment.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my mom and some of the things she taught me growing up. I don’t always have the best memory so I’ve been slowly writing things down to help me remember for later reference. Maybe it’s just me or do a lot of the things our parents teach us make better sense as we get older? I’m finding that as every year passes now things come up or I’m in situations where I remember something my mom told me and I feel enlightened like, “oh I get it now”. Anyone?

Like when I was in the 7th grade and she bought me my first leather jacket, that I still have and actually fit in if you can believe that. In an effort to help me remember, I thought I’d share a few things my mom taught me.

1. Own a leather jacket.

2. Have stationary so you can send people thank you notes.

3. Have a bold color of lipstick.

4. Wear Levi jeans.

5. Listen to Norah Jones and buy pretty smelling candles.

6. Take really good care of your skin, moisturize.

7. Wear blazers with jeans.

8. Send people birthday cards.

It’s always nice to get to share things like this on my blog with you because it’s nostalgic for me and it helps me continue my journey in hoping to be just like her someday.

What are some of the things your mom taught you that you appreciate most?