Until I experienced fashion week for the first time I had no idea how chaotic and busy things could get. How your feet could be throbbing from wearing the wrong shoes, or how not having a planner and setting up calendar reminders for when shows were happening and where could lead to confusion. Some fashion week goers might be laughing but hey you never know exactly how to successfully navigate anything until you’ve experienced it for yourself. Being in New York for Fashion Week is one of the coolest things, you’re around some of the most incredibly stylish people, you’re getting to see the latest fashion trends literally straight off the runways and you never know you might rub shoulders with at the Starbucks around the corner.

Rebecca Minkoff F/W 2012

Rebecca Minkoff F/W 2012

I spent a good chunk of last night packing and trying on outfits with the help of my sister. Our system is, try on every possible outfit combination, take pictures of each outfit so I can see how it photographs and then stick each outfit into a large Ziploc bag (with each outfit’s jewelry too) and label each bag by day/event. That helps me a ton for when I’m busy on and on the go, I don’t have to have a nervous freak out hours before something about what I’m going to wear. I’m trying to be as organized as possible.

Now that I’ve been to Fashion Week a few times I’m hoping this year will be my most organized so far, my DSLR is charging, I’ve packed my Microsoft Surface to blog while I’m on the go, I have my Tory Burch Jelly Bow Flats just in case there’s rain and I have my Fashion GPS organized with my schedule for each day.

New York Fashion Week Checklist

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