If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that my hair is lighter than usual…

You know the delighted emotion when you leave the hair salon feeling radiant like million bucks; when you’re absolutely pleased with how your stylist listened to your requests and styled your hair? I appreciate the stylist that listens to my questions and ideas while providing me with their expert opinion on haircuts and colors that will most flatter me. This sense of contentment and joy is exactly how I felt when I left SEVEN in downtown Seattle.

Balayage Hair

SEVEN is a full service premier hair salon with two great locations,one in downtown Seattle and the other in Bellevue. My initial impression upon walking in was quite frankly exhilarated. As I picked up my jaw from the floor and tried to make my eyes not appear huge with awe and excitement I was welcomed into SEVEN by two very friendly people. Upon being welcomed I felt right at home with the sounds of a Britney Spears remix playing above me (SEVEN has a DJ playing music all throughout the day in both of their locations) and being offered any kind of coffee beverage I desired (they have a full coffee bar in both salons as well). With my vanilla latte in hand I was ready to change up my look with a new haircut and a balayage. Perhaps only a minor detail for me but SEVEN puts you in black robes when you go in for a service, this I appreciate very much as black is always the best color on me.

Being at SEVEN is like being backstage at Fashion Week or at a runway show, you’re getting your hair done and prepped to hit the runway with an expert who’s there to make you feel beautiful. The upbeat music playing pumps you up and gets you feeling energized to show off your new do. The lights surrounding each station I swear have magic in them because I felt a little vain looking at myself in the mirror feeling like my skin complexion had instantly looked a million times better. High praises and many thank you’ to Glen at the Seattle location for taking such good care of me!

Balayage Hair

A fresh cut with some soft layers and a balayage- my hair is ready to take on fall!

Photos: @GrantLandram

Full disclosure: SEVEN provided these services to me complimentary. All opinions expressed are my own.