I spent the weekend over in eastern Washington at a magnificent place called The Gorge to see one of my favorite artists of all time, John Mayer. The weather was hot (102 degrees) during the day, I think by 11pm it got down to about 79. Sizzling weather like this called for a pretty simple outfit. I chose to wear shorts and a tank top- shorts that actually were once jeans but that I cut into shorts. Since we were going to be sitting outside on grass and the weather was incredibly hot, I wanted to make sure I was casual and comfortable. I did brighten up my outfit with some Marrin Costello Jewelry though which went well with my black tank.

There’s nothing quite like the charm and sparkle of listening to live music under the stars way out in the middle of nowhere with thousands of people. Also, side note, I camped at The Gorge which was a first for me. I must say it was a lot of fun! I hope to be back for another concert there next summer.

John Mayer at The Gorge

Mollie in Seattle at The Gorge

Marrin Costello Jewelry on Mollie in Seattle

Vince silk tank top, Joe’s jeans (old) cut into shorts, Marrin Costello Marissa necklace and bracelet

John Mayer at The Gorge

The most beautiful and picturesque view of the Columbia River from our spot on the lawn watching the concert

Photos by @GrantLandram