In my next series of Staple Saturday I’m going to talk a little bit about skin care and some of my favorite products. Staple Saturday for those of you who are new here is a series I’ve started on my blog where I share one thing that is a staple to me.

I hate to say it but having a solid skin care routine helps with graceful aging (insert cringe). I know aging sounds like a scary word but it’s never too late to get started with taking care of your skin so that it’s remains looking healthy and young as time passes. For the longest time I bounced around using lots of different types of moisturizers and hydrating creams, they were all ok, but never felt quite right. That is until I was introduced to intraceuticals’ line of Rejuvenate products while getting a facial at the Four Seasons here in Seattle (facials are important too btw). After consistently using these products my skin feels so much healthier and clear, I don’t really need to wear foundation anymore because my skin is so bright and hydrated.

I do a good amount of travel, which if any of you have been on an airplane you’ll probably agree that airplane air is dry and always does a harsh number on your skin, especially your face. Even being outside walking around with all the gross toxins in the air, it’s important to show your face some love and help make sure that it’s hydrated, balanced, clear and happy. Happy skin I’ve learned means a great deal, therefore they are my staple.

intraceuticals skin care

1. intraceuticals Rejuvenate daily serum

2. intraceuticals ‘Rejuvenate’ Hydration Gel

3. intraceuticals ‘Rejuvenate’ Moisture Binding Cream

intraceuticals boosters skin care

intraceuticals ‘Booster’ Collagen Serumintraceuticals ‘Booster’ Vitamin C+3 Serum, intraceuticals ‘Booster’ Antioxidant Serumintraceuticals a’Booster’ Vitamin A Serum

These are the intraceuticals Boosters, they’re great for added protection to your skin. My favorite right now is the Vitamin C booster just because it helps brighten my skin which I love. It’s nice having these to select from depending on how my skin is on a certain day, depending on if I’ve traveled, been in the sun a lot, am tired etc.

A great way to learn more about intraceuticals and try them out before investing in a full line of their products is to go to a Four Seasons Spa and request their pure oxygen infusion facial. Having a good skin care routine is vital to happy and healthy skin, I love using intraceuticals and if you haven’t yet found a line or routine that works for you I highly suggest checking out their products. This line of products has drastically changed the way my skin looks so much so that I’m completely hooked.