Mollie Ruiz-Hopper running the Seattle Marathon

Running in the Seattle Half Marathon last November 2012

I recently set a goal for myself to run 12 miles per week. Typing that out and now reading it back aloud sounds tough, it is, but after two consistent weeks of meeting that goal I feel awesome. Sometimes I forget how cool goals are, hopefully that doesn’t sound dumb, I just mean it feels good to plan to do something or things and accomplish them. Am I right?

A couple of new habits/hobbies that I have picked up over the last year have been running and making yummy smoothies. I’ve done both throughout my whole life but it hasn’t been until this last year that I’ve stuck with both really consistently. I ran my first half marathon back in November of 2012 and am signed up to run my second in June of this year. I guess the story here is to tell you how awesome running is and to share a favorite smoothie recipe of mine that I like to make when I’m through exercising.

Until March of last year (2012) I don’t think I had run any more than three or so miles in my life. But after going out and buying a new pair of Nike running shoes and putting together a good running mix on Spotify I made running a habit that’s now an essential part of my routine. What I’m trying to do is encourage you to try running, and see what you think about it? Setting goals to run and actually keep running has been one of the best and most fulfilling things I’ve done. I keep a Pinterest board up of inspiration that you can find here if you are interested in seeing a little more visual inspiration.

Delicious breakfast smoothie

Now for the smoothie recipe, it’s quite simple, you’ll need…

Half an orange

A couple slices of pineapple

4 strawberries

4 ice cubes

A blender

Combine all these fruits into your blender for a sweet and delicious fruity treat. This amount made about a glass and a half if you’re wondering how much this serves, so depending on how hungry you are you could easily add a little more or less fruit. Enjoy!

Delicious breakfast smoothie recipe

Delicious breakfast smoothie

What healthy habits are you getting into these days?