Fellow blogger and savvy shopping friend Amy from Denim and Dots and I decided to check out the new Savvy department at our local Nordstrom in downtown Seattle. Amy is awesome by the way, I envy her pretty blond hair and she’s always always so perfectly put together it’s almost not fair!

Nordstrom relaunched their Savvy department into an awesome boutique-like destination inside their iconic department stores. There you’ll find beautifully mechanized blouses, sweaters, necklaces, shoes and more, most items range from about $19-$98. It would be very difficult to not be inspired by all the top trending and high style items organized within the department. I’m really excited that Nordstrom has created a place for twenty somethings like me that is budget friendly and won’t the compromise in quality clothes. I found items like black pencil skirts that I could totally wear to work, cute cropped tops for summer, cozy sweaters for traveling and flirty dresses for nights out with my girlfriends.

Savvy department at Nordstrom

Mollie Ruiz Hopper at new Savvy Nordstrom

Honestly out of everything this was probably my favorite ensemble (Leith beach short and Leith Beach shirt), the bright pattern felt so right for the upcoming warm weather season. Wearing it made me feel compelled to drive to the airport and catch a plane to Hawaii.

Savvy department at Nordstrom

How fun are these bubble statement necklaces? Great for summer, at work and on the weekends.

Amy of denim and dots

Amy picked out some awesome bright colors, this yellow tank had a really intricate beading detail around the arms.

Savvy Faux Suede leather jacket

Aside from the beach shirt and shorts this is the jacket I am still thinking about, this faux suede jacket felt so incredibly luxurious Amy and I were incredulous that it was only $92. Hello amazing deal for something you can wear forever.

I created a Savvy wishlist on Pinterest of some of my favorite pieces from my shopping visit. I hope you’ll take the time to check out the new department and see what you can find for yourself. It really is a one stop shopping destination within Nordstrom where you can feel fancy and on trend while staying within budget.