Full disclosure I am no expert on home decor, pretty much all of my decorating inspiration comes from other blogs and from Pinterest. I’ve slowly started to grow my appreciation for home decor in the last year, having a bright and cozy home definitely makes a big difference in truly enjoying where you live. Really making the place you eat and sleep a home.

I published a blog post a while back with some pictures of my bedroom decor and felt a little inclined to share some pictures of what’s in my living room.

Living room decor with books and flowers

Books you may recognize that were once in my room are now on a mirrored tray with some of my favorite flowers. Confession, the flowers are fake, I’m not great at keeping plants alive and with as much as I’m gone, fake flowers are the most efficient for now. The book “Things Every Woman Should Know” is my favorite to flip through and read when I have free time.

Living room decor

I remember seeing this on Pinterest, taking an old chair and putting a lamp on it with books. This sits next to my desk where I work.

Living room decor

I enjoy collecting books and holding onto them for fun reference, whether it’s for fashion inspiration, cooking recipes or travel, they’re fun to have around the house.

Brightly colored glass vases

A couple of colored glass vases from TJ Maxx to brighten up my window sill, as you  may notice it was raining when I took this photo. Having something bright to look at in contrast to dreary rain helps in keeping things bright and cheery.

Brightly colored accent pillow

One of my new favorite things, a beautifully hand sewn pillow that I was given by a friend when she was vacationing in Mexico.

For more inspiration feel free to browse through some of my boards on Pinterest, home and office.