The story here is that jewelry is important. Whether it’s from Forever 21 or Cartier, wearing jewelry adds drama, color and elegance to your outfit. This is something I’ve known and had in the back of my head for a really long time. Growing up seeing my mom wear beautiful jewelry, my grandmother always looking so elegant in hers, I knew it was something I wanted to also wear. For whatever reason though I had this weird hesitation with jewelry, I guess in wanting to make sure it matched perfectly or that I wasn’t wearing too much jewelry that clashed, so for a while I just didn’t wear much of anything other than diamond studs and a necklace here or there.

Going into 2013 however, it was a serious resolution of mine to take my style a step further and start wearing jewelry. That may seem silly to some but for me it was a big step forward. I shared a blog post about wearing all blue and have since received a lot of emails from people asking me where the jewelry I’m wearing  is from. This post I hope is the first of many to come of me sharing in more detail some of the jewelry I myself wear and where it’s from.


I try to find ways to wear my Falling Whistles necklace as often as possible, since it’s silver and lightweight it really works well with casual and more formal outfits. I wear it to work, when I’m out with my friends and on errands. What’s really great about it is that by purchasing one and wearing it, I’m helping promote peace in the Congo (fashion that gives back, my favorite kind!)

The ring is called the L. Erickson Stella ring,  it’s ivory Tokyo in color and a ring I literally wear almost every single day. I wear it on my ring finger on my right hand. I had no idea how much I would love it, it’s a ring I get lots of compliments on and again goes with just about every outfit.

The beautiful blue earrings you see were gifted to me by Bright colors are my favorite as mentioned in a previous blog post and when I saw them, I knew they’d be perfect for summer. I like that they’re studs because they fit nicely in my ears, once they’re in I forget they’re there, until someone stops me and asks where they’re from.

Jewelry and flowers

I have the Michael Kors ‘Blair’ rose gold watch, it’s a beautiful color with some rhinestone detail around the face. This is definitely a great piece to have, I wear mine all the time and enjoy the versatility of the rose gold. A girl needs a watch to tell time and have a pretty looking wrist while doing it.

The bracelet you see to the left of my watch is a David Yurman piece that I really cherish and know it’s the kind of jewelry that I’ll pass down to someone a long long time from now. I remember seeing them in magazines growing up and always wanting one, last summer I finally took the leap and got one, I’m already eyeing a few others that I hope to own someday.

Marrin Costello jewelry

I like to call this Marrin Costello beauty my magic bracelet, although it’s called the Bowzer bracelet in silver. It’s magic because every time I’ve worn it something extra special has happened to me. Laugh if you will but I’m totally not kidding, aside from it being the good luck charm that it is, it’s comfortable, versatile and handmade in Los Angeles, CA by the incredibly talented Marrin herself.

What kind of jewelry do you like wearing? Any new brands or styles you all recommend? I’m always on the hunt for new and fun pieces.