Fashion bloggers come together at Lucky FABB West in Los Angeles

It’s an environment unlike any other, it’s a place where it’s totally socially acceptable to stare at everyone you walk by, where it’s not annoying to ask a stranger to take your photos, where non-bloggers are known as “civilians” (thank you @Ryzenbergon for that one) and where electronic charging stations are a major must. It’s called Lucky FABB, Lucky Magazine’s Fashion Beauty Blog Conference.

Kelly Osbourne kicked off the conference, wowing us with her fabulous Stella McCartney heels and edgy hair (I don’t think I’ve ever worn a hair comb but after seeing Kelly wear them like this, I NEED to get some). I didn’t know much about Kelly as far as her personality was concerned, I mean other than what I heard in magazines or saw watching TV. I was really excited to hear her speak and learn more about her. After listening to her share her experience and thoughts on fashion and branding, I was both impressed and inspired. Kelly’s keynote was the highlight of my FABB experience and trip. A few pearls of wisdom that really stuck with me were the following,

      1. It’s OK to have an opinion, there is a clear difference between being judgmental and expressing your opinion.
      2. Be real, be you, be happy with you as a whole, at the end of the day that’s what matters most.
      3. Put your money into your shoes, your handbags and a great blazer, the rest can be a mix of different brands and vintage pieces.
      4. Common sense is not common.

Kelly’s keynote really felt like an open conversation with her, her sparkly personality and witty advice left me feeling refreshed and excited to try a few new things, invest in a great new pair of shoes and to find awesome hair combs like hers!

Mollie in Seattle at Lucky FABB West

In between panels I got to take a photo booth break with Alyson from Crushing on Clothes, here are a couple from our quick shoot.

Lucky FABB West Mollie Ruiz-Hopper

Tina Craig of Bag Snob shared her insight on her experience in blogging and fashion

Tina Craig of Bag Snob

Of the many things Tina Craig talked about on her panel at FABB I most appreciated her straightforward and candid demeanor. The tell it like it is kind of gal explained the serendipitous and organic growth of her blog that came to be because of her and her friend Kelly’s love for bags. Bag Snob in the beginning cost them a mere $20, within months they registered Bag Snob as an LLC and trademarked their name, they meant business. I think my big takeaways from Tina’s talk were to do what really feels organic and natural, start thinking about your blog as a business right off the bat, think about how you can monetize, how you can partner with other people to build your brand and to always be nice to other people, upfront and completely honest.

Drew Barrymore at Lucky FABB

Two things first, after seeing Drew Barrymore at Lucky FABB and hearing her speak I feel a couple of things, an obsession for her and her funny sense of humor and a desire to mix prints like she did in this outfit. We learned a lot about Drew’s new beauty line of make up, FLOWER Beauty, as well as all the hard work that went into the line. Everything from the colors to the packaging to learning that Drew’s beauty necessity is concealer. I really valued Drew’s frank but sincere conversation about people trying to have it all. That at some point some things have to come off the table. I appreciated this because it’s easy for people to say “you can have it all”, “work hard and it will work out” blah blah, when in reality we’re all human as Drew said, and really you can’t be good at everything so you have to pick what is most important to you. I’m also now going to go out and stock up on all of Drew’s FLOWER beauty products!

Drew Barrymore at Lucky FABBLet it be known that I was also coveting Drew’s shoes from afar. I think everyone could benefit from a pair of white pumps.

All in all I think this was one of my favorite FABB’s yet, I really took away a lot of great inspiration and information, as well as a list of about 100 things I want to try, buy, change etc. I am still humbled at the thought of me getting to be a part of these awesome conferences, never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought that I could be in the same room as Drew Barrymore or all of the other impressive and stylish bloggers in attendance. I took a lot more photos at FABB and you can see them all here on my Facebook Page. Big thanks to all the awesome people at Lucky Magazine for putting this together and continuing to help inspire me and fuel my passion for fashion and blogging.

Until the next FABB!