I was sitting in a coffee shop talking with a college student who was interviewing me about blogging and what some of my favorite things about it were. She posed the question, “What is one of your favorite things about fashion blogging?” my answer was immediate because I knew exactly what I wanted to say. Blogging has connected me to so many other amazing people all over the world, people who I may never have met otherwise. Whether it’s meeting up with them in real life, following their blogs online, keeping in touch over Twitter, the list of 10 fashion bloggers I have below is a special list of ladies whom I admire and look up to a great deal. Each stylish and unique in their own way, these ladies sure know what they’re doing. They can style a killer outfit and they know how to run each of their blogs in a way that they’re always bringing new and interesting content to their readers. I thought I would ask them each one tip for fashion blogging from their experience.

Maria- Kitties and Couture

Kitties and Couture

Connect with your readers! Building a community is one of the most important parts of blogging, in my opinion, no matter how long you’ve been blogging for. Respond to the comments they leave for you, even if it’s a simple “thank you.” Think about it: someone took the time to engage with your content, so why not engage back? The same goes with Tweets that are sent to you, comments on your Instagram, etc. It’s all about networking and building the connection and relationships with other likeminded people that will keep coming back to your blog for more.

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Abbey- Along Abbey Road

Along Abbey Road

The most key element of having a fashion blog is taking quality photos. A nice camera is an essential investment and those professional-looking photos will be what sets you apart!

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Amanda- Fashionablee Me


One of the best tools we have in the blogging world is each other! From fun collaborations (like this!), to showing love on Instagram or Twitter, supporting and building relationships with other people is so important. I have been so blessed to have met really close friends through blogging and there are endless opportunities to help each other grow. So be creative– put together a style challenge blog post, ask for a guest post, or if you have the chance, set up a brunch or happy hour for a local group.

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KrystalThe Style Book

Krystal Schlegel The Style Book

Photo by Lydia Hudgens

My biggest tip is to keep your blog completely original! People read it to see YOUR sense of personal style so be sure to make it your own and stay true to your voice!

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Natasha- The Chic Curve

Natasha Jarmick the chic curve

The most important thing to me when I blog is thinking…will I be proud of this post in a month? In a year? If I doubt that, even just a little bit, it’s back to ideation mode. I never publish anything just to post; I only post things I love, and hope in turn, my readers will love it too.

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Alyson- Crushing on Clothes

Alyson from Crushing on Clothes

I’ve been blogging for 2 and a half years now, and one tip I’ve learned is to be authentic. Don’t wear something just because you think everyone else will like it – wear items that YOU love and cherish. I personally love bright colors, fun prints and giant sunglasses, so you will see me wearing these things often on my blog. People will come to your blog to see your own unique style, so you want to be sure to be yourself. If you are wearing what everyone else is wearing – what makes your blog different? Have a unique perspective on the trends and wear them in a way that you love.

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Jen- House of Jeffers

Jen from House of Jeffers

Know the value of your blog and abilities. The temptation to do things in exchange for something gifted is high, but know you’re worth more than free swag. Take inventory of the time and energy you are putting into your blog. How long it takes you to write a post, editing photos, promotion through social media, so when a company asks you to do something that falls outside of the regular parameters of what you do, it’s time (and okay) to ask for compensation, or to say no. After all, gifts don’t pay the bills.

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AdielIt’s Because I Think Too Much

Adiel It's Because I think Too Much

Be aware of fashion trends, but don’t live by them. If a trend doesn’t suit your own personal style or flatter your body type, you don’t have to wear it. It’s more important to be true to you!

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TiffanyTiffany Style


Snap a picture of your outfit before you head out the door. Sometimes, you can’t rely on mirrors, and all it takes is a quick snap of a photo to notice that your outfit would look better with a cinched waist or a different shoe.

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Marissa– Style Cusp

The Style Cusp

Take great photos. Our market is so visually stimulated right now thanks to the evolving of Instagram. Invest in a quality camera and a photo editing software (like Photoshop Elements or Photoshop) that will take your photos to the next level. Photos create a personal connection with your readers and give opportunity for your blog to be viral (hello, Pinterest!) I recently bought a new Canon Rebel and have been using Photoshop (somewhat obsessively) to really make my blog photos stand out!

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I hope you finish reading this post as inspired as I am, all of these ladies are incredibly smart, talented and stylish. I encourage you to check them all out. Feel free to drop questions in the comments if you think of anything else you’d like answered. Big thanks to all of these fabulous fashion bloggers for taking the time to share some of their experience on my blog!