Mollie in Seattle white blouseLike I wrote in my post about color, spring is here and I really couldn’t be more thrilled. Even though it’s still cold here in Seattle the end of winter and rain is in sight. In preparation for spring I’m stocking back up on some of my favorite classic pieces. I was at Nordstrom the other day and saw a nice selection of white shirts, my favorite!

White shirts really are staple pieces every woman and man should have in their closets. They’re probably one of the most practical and versatile pieces you can wear. Whether you’re going to work and wearing a white shirt with a blazer or you’re just wanting to run errands and throw on a casual white shirt with slouchy boyfriend jeans, you can wear a white shirt at any time of day.

I was going back through some older photos (via Maria from Kitties + Couture) and came across these from my post about Fashion Week. This white blouse is a huge staple in my closet, I wear it ALL THE TIME.

A few of my favorite white blouses can be found here, here and here (this one is 60% off!).

Mollie in Seattle white blouse fashion