Aside from being excited about finally finding the perfect dress for the upcoming Make-A-Wish Auction I’m attending this weekend (I wrote about my search for a dress here), I’ve been thinking about a couple things. The word “compassion” and my new thing for breakfast smoothies.

The dress I’ll be wearing to the auction is none other than Calvin Klein, it was one of those know it at first sight kind of moments. The dress was there, at Nordstrom and I knew it was the one. I’m excited to share pictures of it this weekend. I like the word compassion because it means being sympathetic and kind toward others. It’s an important quality, maybe stop and ask yourself when the last time was that you showed compassion to another person? As far as breakfast smoothies are concerned, Saturday night I was on a Pinterest binge and pinned a lot of pictures of breakfast smoothies. I decided along with my sister to try a week of healthy smoothies for breakfast every morning. It’s Tuesday and we’re loving it so far.

With those thoughts, I’m sharing a few photos from my Instagram. My weekend was pretty low key, most of it was spent in sweats. The one other exciting thing I did was purchase this Prabal Gurung for Target dress. I have to say I’m pretty impressed with this collection.

Nike running outfit I spent most of Saturday in my Nike running shirt, it’s literally the most comfortable shirt, ever.

Breakfast smoothieA yummy green breakfast smoothie to start off my Monday, you can see the recipes I’m pinning here.

FEED Projects bag

Putting my FEED bag to good use, grocery shopping in Pike Place Market.