Mollie Ruiz Hopper

This picture was taken back around the holidays at a holiday party, these are two of my best friends, @jaymeedoll and @nicoleshema. Having good friends around you is important in many ways, I’ve known these two ladies now for a little over two years. Jaymee is the sparkle that always inspires me to try new things and be brave. Nicole is the kind of person you want to put in your pocket and keep with you everywhere, her wit and charm are the best.

So here we go for some fill in the blanks…

1. The last thing I ate was…Sriracha noodles from this amazing Thai restaurant near my apartment.

2. The next thing I’d like to eat is…Sushi! I haven’t had it in a while and there are a ton of great places around where I live.

3. The best things…Happen when you least expect them to, seriously though.

4. Something that makes me supremely and utterly happy is…Sunshine. I know it may seem simple, but there’s really nothing more delightful than being outside in the sunshine. Wearing sunglasses and a maxi dress, and holding an iced latte, ok that’s all.

5. Sports are…Fun? I am not very athletic other than running but I enjoy the social aspect of sports.

6. I miss…Being a teenager in high school, I DO NOT miss high school, but I miss being at the age when life was so much more simple and I literally had no cares in the world. Simplicity is something I’m trying to work more on in this coming year.

7. Right now I am…Up and working, it’s the morning so I’m drinking coffee and checking things off my to do list. Also happy that it’s Friday!

This format of posts was inspired by my cousin Anna Reilly on her blog