Because it’s what I’m most excited about right now, I got two brand new pairs of shoes, Nike Dunks and Steve Madden sparkly booties for less than $100 all together this weekend. 

I’m really not a big fan of the word “busy”. I am definitely guilty of using that word in my vocabulary more than I’d like to say. It’s something I’m going to try and keep out of my conversations with people as much as possible. I don’t care for the word only because more often than not, lately anyway someone will ask me how I’m doing and my immediate response is “busy” or “so busy”. To me it’s just an in-genuine response, it’s true but not really a good enough answer. With that I’m going to apologize for the lag in posts lately, things really have been busy (ugh that word), I got a new job yay! I’m frantically looking for a dress to wear to Make-A-Wish Alaska and Washington’s Mission: Incredible, Wish Night Gala and Auction on Saturday, March 9. You can see my post about it from last year and what I wore here. I need a gown that’s long and elegant, I’m envisioning something in black but we’ll see when I find something.

I thought I’d share a few of my Instagrams from lately so you could see what I’ve been up to. If you already follow me there thank you, if you don’t, it’s a fun way to keep up with what I’m doing and where I am.

Steve Madden sparkly shoes

I snagged these Steve Madden sparkly peep toe booties from Nordstrom Rack for $15! Crazy right?

Nike Dunks shoes These Nike ‘Dunk Sky Hi’ Wedge Sneakers were only $80 on sale at Nordstrom. I cannot wait to wear these out!

Mimosas and DKNY Pajamas

I live a block from Pike Place Market in Seattle, Saturday morning over the weekend I grocery shopped in the market and picked up stuff for mimosas to enjoy at home in my DKNY pajamas.

Sparkly necklaceThis necklace I also scored from Nordstrom on sale for $6!

So that’s what I’ve been to up to in a nutshell, shoe shopping, new jewelry shopping and new job! How are all of you? I am working on some new posts to publish this week that I’m excited to share with you! Happy Tuesday!