I love my blog for so many reasons, the big one being that it’s an outlet for me to talk to people, connect with you and share all the things that I like and am inspired about. My inspiration as of lately has been about shoes, I got a couple new pair that you can read about here and I met a pair of Michael Kors booties today that were absolutely beautiful. The Kylie Minogue song “can’t get you out of my head” seems to be what’s repeating and repeating right now for me (it’s probably a sign that I should go back and get them right?)

This week has been a hectic week, some good things, some less than ideal (funny that it’s ONLY Tuesday). But hey what’s a week or a month without things that come up unexpected? Anyway, I’m digressing. I’m currently sitting in my kitchen still scouring the internet for the perfect floor length gown for a Gala I’m attending next weekend (still can’t find one) and I felt like sharing 5 things that make me smile all the time. Perhaps they’ll make you smile too? Wherever you are in the world, whatever is happening in your life right now, it’s always healthy and helpful to take a moment, work those face muscles and smile.

1. Puppies- I have a board on Pinterest called “I love animals” and it’s about just that, a few exotic animals and a lot of puppies. If puppies don’t make you smile, I don’t know if you’re completely human (*S). *S means there’s sarcasm in that phrase.

French Bulldog

2. W.C. Fields once said to “Start every day with a smile and get it over with.” I don’t know how much more straightforward you can get on that one. 

3. Read through some of Make-A-Wish’s Wish Stories, they’re inspiring and very uplifting.

4. Linking back to an old post, I share some of my most embarrassing moments. Reading through these always makes me smile and feel humbled. What’s funnier than hearing someone else’s embarrassing moments?

5. Watch this video because it will warm your heart.

Hopefully one of the above brought a smile to your face.