Picture via Pinterest

I’m excited to share another birthday blog post for my blog, it’s three years old today! Ah! I can hardly believe it’s been that long since I started what is now something I think about every single day and love so much.

This last year has been another incredible year for my blog and I– another year of making new friends, catching up with old ones, learning, going to New York Fashion Week, and more travel. I’m thankful and grateful for all the people who’ve helped me along the way, whether it’s been with design tweaks, helping me take pictures, brands who’ve worked with me, and friends who’ve been there for moral support.

This picture was taken while I was in Spain over the summer via Raymond Ware Photography

I’m really excited for that this next year will bring. I’m working on some new and exciting things I can’t wait to share as time passes. The biggest thank you really goes out to my readers who’ve been there for me! Your support and readership means more to me than I could ever say.The goal of my blog has always been to help inspire your style and empower you to know that you can help make a difference in the world. If you’d like to read more about why I blog you can see an old post I wrote here. My two other birthday posts are here and here, if you’re interested in reading those. Sometimes it’s fun to go back through the archives and read things from so long ago.

Here’s to another year of fashion, writing and new things!