Along Abbey Road

I read a variety of different blogs, it’s a fun way to keep up with my favorite bloggers and see what they’re up to. In an effort to share more often which blogs I love reading I thought I’d start with Abbey’s.

If you aren’t already reading Along Abbey Road from my friend Abbey, I highly recommend bookmarking her blog right away. Abbey’s polished style never fails to be well put together and on trend. After reading through her posts I am always inspired to go through my closet and find new ways to wear and style my clothes. Another really exciting thing Abbey has accomplished is launched her own online store called, Sprightly So. Sprightly So is an online boutique of stylishly curated items, from handbags to dresses there’s a little something for you there!

Picture via Along Abbey Road “A Random Thing or Two-sday

Aside from loving everything she has available in her shop, I’m really eyeing this apple bow blouse (it’s only $39.50).

I’m so excited for Abbey’s launch of Sprightly So and can’t wait to continue following along in her blogging adventures and shopping her new boutique.