Simple bedside table setting

I’m no fancy home decorator, but since moving into my new apartment (well new ish, I moved in September) I’ve been really excited about home decor. I gather most of my inspiration from Pinterest (see my home board) and from various magazines I flip through. In putting together what I now have around my room, I wanted it to be filled with warm and pretty things. Things that reflect my personality and what’s important to me. I realized too that I didn’t have to go and break any banks in putting my room together, a lot of what I was able to use I already had, I just needed a little refreshing of my creativity to envision how to set everything up.

DSC_0082This frame hangs above my desk, the words couldn’t be more true. Having it hanging in my room is a good reminder to me to focus and be happy. Believe it or not I snagged this from TJ Maxx of all places for $7.99!


Here I have stacked a lot of of my favorite magazines along with a delicious smelling candle and a photo of my beloved Australian Labradoodle Amelia.


A few more of my favorite things, some flowers that I got at TJ Maxx, my go to perfumes, Burberry Brit and Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb, along with a Chanel thumb drive and a vintage butterfly pin that was my grandmothers. I also thought adding the Tiffany boxes was a nice touch, their packaging is the most brilliant after all.


DSC_0136Jewelry I have laid out- a few of my favorite pieces including my Falling Whistle and Michael Kors watch in a hand painted clay bowl I bought in Spain for 6 Euro.


On my desk a couple books, my diary from when I was little, a photo and a yummy candle that was gifted to me over the holidays. By organizing these few things, adding some bright colors and surrounding my room with positive words, I’m really happy with the energy in my room. What kinds of things do you have in your room to make it feel cozy? I’m always looking for new things to try so feel free to leave me a comment with inspiration and ideas!