Amelia Bedilia the Australian Labradoodle

I love coming home from work to be greeted by my fluffy and very excited Australian Labradoodle, Amelia Bedilia. There’s nothing that compares to the unconditional and genuine love I get from this furry lady. When I get home from work, it really doesn’t stop, I usually end up on my couch with my lap top or sitting at my kitchen table catching up on emails or working on my blog. While I work Amelia usually tries to either jump in my lap or have me rub her belly.

While I was working a few evenings ago my sister (@katiarenee) took a few pictures of me working and of Amelia and I snuggling. You’ll notice my power sources are all there (Starbucks, water, iPhone etc).

Two things I can’t live without, besides my dog, my MacBook Air and my iPhone #appleforlife

A great place to see more pictures of Amelia is my Instagram, there I probably post almost daily a picture of her cuteness. I’ve also been getting a lot of questions about where Amelia is from, she’s from Manor Lake Australian Labradoodles.