Inspirational food for thought


Picture via the Drybar’s Facebook

Aside from loving fashion and philanthropy, I’m a girl who loves to feel inspired and motivated by good quotes and helpful tidbits of wisdom. I saw this picture on Drybar’s Facebook this morning (their FB is always filled with lots of goodness btw). It was another compelling photo I wanted to share with you (the last time I shared a great photo was here).

It hits home when you read/see something that you can completely relate your life to. That voice in your head that sees something and is like whoa, yeah that was me last week. I don’t know about you but I’m totally guilty of second guessing myself sometimes- should I call them, when was the last time we texted, what if I tell them and I don’t get the answer I want, is this a stupid question, how do I achieve that? All legit things I’m hoping you’ve asked yourself at least once in your life (that way I know I’m not alone). I’ve learned the hard way that keeping things in, not sharing exactly how you feel when you feel it, not asking for what you want, not telling someone in time how important they are, can be not so great in some instances.

Basically I wanted to share this because, like I said, in addition to fashion I want everyone to feel happy and inspired to live a fulfilling life. To do that, be open and honest with everyone in your life (most importantly with yourself), ask for what you want because no one on this Earth is a mind reader (to my knowledge anyway), and you never know when the last time is that you’ll see someone so be sure to tell them every day or often how much they matter to you.

Happy Friday!