“Since 1837, the masterpieces of Tiffany & Co. have defined style and celebrated the world’s great love stories.”

You know when a distinct opportunity in life comes up and you can tell immediately that you’ll remember it forever? Something that is so inspiring and incredible you’ll always be able to recall which pair of shoes you wore, how you styled your hair and the exact shade of lipstick you put on. Well, I had one of those moments while I was in New York recently. I had the distinct pleasure and unique opportunity to be taken on a private behind the scenes tour of the legendary Tiffany & Co. Flagship Store, Tiffany Workshop, Tiffany Salon and Tiffany’s Leather Goods Showroom. Synonymous with perfection Tiffany & Co. symbolizes all that is quality and love.

The Tiffany Workshop

The Tiffany Workshop was absolutely incredible, it’s a cozy space atop the Flagship store (with a stunning view of 5th Avenue and Central Park) where skilled craftsmen sit and create the beautiful pieces you see inside Tiffany stores. What I was most surprised to learn was that these craftsmen begin with a simple image and a box of metals for their inspiration. They then have to literally create by hand what they are given in a picture with the metals and tools they have at their station. Depending on the intricacy of a piece, it can take hours sometimes weeks to create one piece of jewelry.

Photo credit: Martin Crook
The craftsman sets diamonds in the necklace and inspects the stone setting.

Photo credit: Martin Crook
The craftsman drills holes in the metal in preparation for the pavé diamonds to be set in the brooch.

“The distinctive Tiffany Blue color, a shade of robin’s-egg blue, makes hearts beat faster around the world.”

The Tiffany Salon

Escorted up through a private elevator, I was led to the mezzanine level of Tiffany & Co. to spend some time in their elegant Salon. The Tiffany Salon offers an extremely luxurious and private environment for exclusive, appointment-only access to the most discerning customer. Showcasing only the most exquisite jewelry and one-of-a-kind designs the Salon also offers unique consultative services including custom design work.

Fun Tiffany & Co. Flagship fact: “The 124,000-square-foot building was the first to have a central air conditioning system as an integral part of its design.”

The Tiffany Leather Goods Showroom

Tiffany’s story began in New York City in 1837. Over the last 175 years Tiffany & Co. has since been at the forefront of the world’s greatest designs for jewelry and beyond.

I don’t think there are enough languages that I could list out to thank the wonderful people at Tiffany for being so gracious and welcoming in giving me a special inside look at Tiffany & Co.