Some of you may follow me on Instagram, if you do awesome and thank you, if you don’t feel free to find me- I’m @MollieinSeattle. I felt like sharing pictures that I’ve posted over the last week because it’s been an over all solid week. Though work and things have been busy I’ve had some time to catch up on my new September issues, drink coffee and spend time with two very close friends of mine. I was also reminded of something this week (I attended a funeral for a very close family friend) that tomorrow is never promised to anyone, so enjoy life while you’re around, buy those shoes you’ve been wanting and tell that special someone just how much they mean to you. I’ll explain the pictures from top left to right and work my way down.

The top two photos are of me in my favorite black Calvin Klein dress (attempting to channel my inner Audrey), I wore some pearl earrings and put my hair up in a to knot. A simple black dress with my hair up is a favorite look of mine. It’s classic, simple and elegant.

Second down on the left I’m wearing a white dress, it’s a halter with no back, my hair is curled and I’ve got my sunglasses on because it’s actually sunny in Seattle today. Following that picture is myself and my best friend @jaymeedoll. Over the weekend we set out on a top secret mission around the city of Seattle, it was memorable.

I guess you could say the third row down of photos is a little inspired by the night, you’ll see my good night Seattle photo on the left. A pretty view of the city and our new Ferris Wheel from Pier 66, and my sheer navy blue blouse that I wore out to dinner.

Down from that is a photo of myself and my good friend @judsons, we were able to catch up over tapas in Seattle last night. We ate deliciously mouthwatering bites at Pintxo downtown, it’s always a treat to get to spend time with Judson.

Of course the obligatory photos of coffee, because yes, I drink a lot of it. What’s better than spending an afternoon caffeinating and reading through all the new September issues of my favorite magazines?

Happy Friday y’all.