I tweeted earlier that tonight was all about random. My mind has been thinking about everything from chocolate ice cream to chunky fall sweaters to vacuuming my apartment.

It’s Monday night, close to midnight here for me in Seattle and I’m wide awake. Ever have nights like that? I’m thinking about tomorrow and all that needs to be accomplished. I begin to feel like going to bed tonight is just an inconvenience, not really but you know what I mean? I’m ready to get started with tomorrow. Yanni is playing softly in the background in my room as I sit with my MacBook comfortably positioned on my lap. While I think about tomorrow, I’m recalling back on the nice weekend I had, the productive day that today was AND all the things I’m continuing to post to my fall boards on Pinterest. I’m also making more of an effort lately to write in my journal that my mom gave me forever ago, about seven years ago to be approximate. How random was all of that information?

In my continued shall we call is enthusiasm for fall I figured I share two fall sweaters I have both my Warby Parker wearing eyes on.

Weekend Max Mara ‘Fontana’ Turtleneck Sweater 

and this…

Elizabeth and James ‘Jordans’ Sweatshirt

How do you feel about sweaters for fall? Just curious.