After several cans of Red Bull and encouragement from someone very special in my life I registered for a 5K, a 10K and a half marathon. You know when you’re listening to upbeat music that gets you feeling really inspired? Well that was me last week, listening to my “Work it” playlist on Spotify, feeling pumped and super confident. I figured that I might as well sign myself up. Now that I’ve actually registered, there’s no turning back.

I’ve always enjoyed exercising, running especially. The most official I’ve gotten with running was completing a 5K in March. I’m beginning what I guess you’ll call training by running multiple times each week and keeping track of my running progress with the Nike+ app. It’s an awesome app by the way, so if you’re looking to find a way to hold yourself accountable for running I highly suggest that you download it right away.

I’m looking forward to all the runs I’ve registered for but am most excited for the 10K taking place on October 6th. I registered for Women’s Health Run 10 FEED 10 race. I’ll be running in Seattle along with thousands of other people around the country to help fight world hunger. All of the money raised will benefit the FEED Foundation, an organization dedicated to ending world hunger. Some of the other major participating cities are New York, Chicago, Boston, Denver, Miami and Los Angeles.

An important part of running is having a comfortable and stylish pair of shoes, for me I love Nike’s Free Run+ 3 shoes.

So who’s with me? Drop me a comment if you’re a runner, if you plan to run or if you’ve registered for a race/marathon! If you’re not, wish me luck? This is way more running than I’ve ever done in my life…