Summer calls for pretty clothes that are comfortable and fashionable for warm weather. For me this usually means a great closet full of maxi dresses. I’ve traveled some this spring and now summer and have realized that while on the go and even at home, I find myself in maxi dresses. Not only are they light and feminine– they’re easy to style. It’s basically one thing you have to pick out and all you need do is style your shoes and jewelry to match.

A great maxi dress or four I believe are necessary for the girl on the go. In shopping online for more maxi dresses (because one can never have too many, right?) I found these four that I wanted to share. Each can take you from day to night in the sweet bat of an eyelash.

1.  A strapless maxi

2. A tribal maxi

3. An evening maxi

4. A floral maxi

What are your thoughts on maxi dresses? Love them? Not so much?