There is detail and beauty in everything here in Barcelona, I can’t turn a corner without “ohhing” or “awing”. Seriously, I can’t. Whether it’s a door handle, seeing the intricate detail in a light post or noticing that there’s a guy walking passed me and he’s wearing all pink (that seriously happened, check my Instagram for proof). Musicians playing the acoustic guitar for you over tapas, listening to all the different accents and languages spoken here and taking in the warm sunshine.

Aside from snapping photos, shopping and updating my blog, all I seem to want to do while I’m here is sit outside at a cafe in a big pair of sunglasses, drink cafe con leche, read a classic romance novel and listen to some soothing music. Shake your head if you must, because I know, I’m such a girl.

It’s Friday today and on this day I thought I would share with you some favorite photos I’ve taken of things I’ve noticed on my trip so far. I hope you enjoy.

The hustle of Barcelona city streets and couples in love (there are a TON of them here)

I’d love for this to be my balcony

Yes, I took a picture of a random person, kind of, I just liked that he was sitting outside reading book about tourist attractions in Barcelona and I liked hit hat

Light posts

A dash of fashion with a twist of philanthropy

I loved these shoes


More food

Outdoor seating and waiters in black skinny ties