Today I wore white shorts from Old Navy, an orange blouse with gold buttons I scored from TJ Maxx, my Rebecca Minkoff bag and my Melissa shoes. Oh and the gold necklace I’m wearing is from Sloan, a boutique in Portland.

So here I am once again, sitting on the couch in my apartment in Barcelona, Spain. Reading that back I still stop in wonder and cannot believe that I’m actually here.

I woke up this morning, made some coffee and sat out on our balcony. I listened carefully to the bustling sounds of the city below me, the sounds all seemed to go together like a rhyme or song, everything was in sync. Cars honking, people talking, the chimes of bells on bikes, taxis weaving in and out of traffic, you get the idea.

Today I took to more walking and did some shopping around Las Ramblas. Boy were there a ton of people there. It was fun to people watch and explore all the fun and interesting stores along the way. Of course I had to stop at Zara, they were after all having a sale, I thought it would be very wrong of me not to stop in, so I did and left with something pink and pretty. I’ll work on a post about that at a later time.

The most memorable part about today would have to have been lunch, I love eating here in Spain. I’m no foodie but tapas is incredible and so is sangria. I had a conversation with a close friend once about food and how the quality time you spend with friends over a good meal makes that meal even more memorable. Today we sat outside covered in Spanish sunshine and delighted in the most mouth-watering food I’ve had in a while. I also enjoyed seeing at a table near by, a man sitting alone, drinking coffee and reading a book, what is it about that, that is so poetic?

Had to snap the picture of this dog above, who doesn’t love a cute Westie? I don’t even know how many miles I walked today but because everything is so beautiful here, from the balconies on buildings to the majestic doors that cover every building entrance, you just sort of start walking and then realize you’ve been walking for hours, make sense?

I could walk around and photograph balconies all day. That’s how memorable and striking each and every balcony was.