I’m in Miami this week and it’s my first time in Florida. I got in early Sunday morning, literally as soon as I got off the plane at the airport I went straight to the beach! I think I was at the beach for more than eight hours, when you’re used to the dreary Seattle weather of clouds and rain, you realize that being at the beach where the sand is soft and white and the water is so clear and blue, you don’t want to be anywhere else.

In addition to enjoying the beach I got to hang out with my friend and rock star hairstylist Joey (@thecooljey), check out the shops and restaurants on Lincoln Road and bask in the beauty of the Versace Mansion.

My two favorite things about Miami since I’ve arrived are, the sense of community that I feel here with all the local people and all the bright neon colors that adorn buildings and people’s clothes.

My must have items here in Miami? My Trina Turk bikini for the beach and all my comfortable maxi dresses. It’s quite humid here, so my hair has been up and out of my face most of the time. Here are some pictures that I’ve shared through my Instagram so far.

So far I like being #MollieinMiami