Life in the last month has been a combination of thrill, stress and successful shopping. I’ve walked through Central Park, had an Impossible Conversation at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, sat in LA traffic, enjoyed an iced coffee on the Santa Monica Pier, eaten popcorn in Chicago, walked through the West Wing and the Situation Room of The White House, bought my first Donna Karan suit while shopping in Virginia, got sun burnt on a Miami beach and stood outside the Versace Mansion. Oh yeah and I turned 24 and launched the new design of my blog! Phew.

Being on the road these last few weeks has definitely given me a new sense of appreciation for the small things like the comfort of my bed and my washer and dryer. Though it’s been busy and filled with time away from home I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to travel and meet with all the people I have.

Right now I’m writing this post from a plane to Atlanta, GA where I’ll be for the next couple days.

I’ve come close to mastering packing and keeping my luggage at a whopping 49lbs every time I’ve checked in, well almost every time. For travel I thought I’d share the five things I’ve come to realize that I can’t be without.

2. My Tory Burch Nylon Tote– AKA the magic bag that holds everything. Literally this bag has been everywhere with me. At one point it was filled with five pairs of jeans, three pairs of wedges and my iPad. It’s been with me to the beach and happens to match with all of my outfits whether I’m in a bathing suit or a denim shirt. I could not imagine my life without this bag, that is all.

2. Moisturizer, travel definitely does a number on my skin so I always keep lotion handy to keep my skin moisturized.

3. My Samsung SMART camera (c/o Samsung) to capture all the moments I want to remember from my travels. It’s small and lightweight, perfect for being on the go.

4. My Warby Parker glasses, I wear contacts and I’m pretty much blind without my glasses or contacts. I enjoy having my WP’s with me one so I can see, they’ve also been a great conversation starter. People usually ask me where they’re from and I’m always delighted when I get to share what they’re about. Only the best eyewear out there.

5. My denim shirt, AKA my travel shirt. I think I’ve worn it on almost all of my flights. It’s comfortable and again goes with everything, pink pants, floral pants, black skirts and white shorts, I could go on and on. Another thing I own that I could not imagine life without.

As I travel and am on the road I continuously update my Twitter, Facebook page and Instagram so if you’d like to follow along please do!

Signing off for now, going to catch some z’s on this flight before I land.