You can usually tell what I’m into, or what my fashion mood is by way of my Pinterest. Usually I go on kicks about something specific, like red pants or pink shirts. I’ll just have my brain set on that one type of clothing and end up pinning a ton of pictures of that one thing to my “I’d wear that” board“.

Today I’m going crazy for a tangy color, orange. I found an orange shirt today while out shopping, it’s bright and colorful with some gold buttons. What drew me to the shirt was not only the color but the cut out shoulders. Once I can find someone to snap some decent pictures of me I’ll post photos of the shirt.

Until then, I thought I’d share some of my orange inspiration. Orange is a great color, it’s bright and welcoming. A color like this would do well in the closet and wardrobe of any fashionable lady or gentleman.

A few of the orange shirts I’m loving right now can be found, here, here and here.