Interviewing the band Ivan & Alyosha

I’m taking a break from packing to share some pictures of an event I attended recently (currently I’m packing for my trip to California, I’m leaving tomorrow morning bright and early, a 7am flight out of Seattle, woo!)

Team Up for Nonprofits is an organization I learned of a couple of years ago now, it was founded by Ryan Hodgson. Ryan is someone I look up to and admire greatly, his passion and enthusiasm for philanthropy and community involvement is not only contagious, it’s inspiring. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked away having visited with him and felt as though I could do anything I set my mind to. His charming Australian accent is also nice to listen to when he’s sharing with you his organization that he cares so deeply about.

Team Up for Nonprofits is an organization here in Seattle that produces musical events that in turn benefit local Seattle nonprofits- their events are known as Gigs4Good. Their most recent event that benefitted Seattle Works took place at the Hard Rock in Seattle with a lineup of stellar artists and a crowd of many. I along with my best friend Jaymee teamed up with Ryan and Team Up to help host the night.

Learning more about what inspires brothers and artists Kevin and Curran Long 

Jaymee, Ryan and I just having some fun on the step and repeat

All of these pictures are courtesy of Jason Tang Photography 2012.